Allium Cepa

The kids have been running some sort of noise-relay so there’s not been a moment of silence since you were woken in the predawn gloom, the toddler won’t tolerate being out of your arms for more than 23 seconds, and it starts pelting down just before you head out to feed the chickens, but you’ve…


I’m sure Chekov had no idea his instruction … could twist and swirl and be reimagined as a prayer: Find me.  Bring me back.  Help me out of the darkness and into the light, bit by bit, a small glimmer of joy at a time. Please, show me a glint of light.  


Generally speaking, I am one of those people who needs to be feeling like death before I go anywhere near a doctor.  Even then, if I think it’s death by virus, standard practice is paracetamol and a healthy dose of avoidance. Partly it’s a hallmark of being a teacher; the preparation of relief work while feverish is just about as…

Mother’s Day.

We have a chequered history, Mother’s Day and I. My first and second were right shitters, if we’re being honest.