Cut (Day 30: FMFW)

So, I’ve been reading about the male contraceptive.  Last I read, the trials had been called off due to the side effects being suffered by trial members.  I read through the side effects and I have to say, not being mean or cynical or anything (OK, that’s a lie, I am both mean and cynical in this instance), the side effects are pretty much as bad as the ones suffered by many women as a result of various means of contraception.  Some of the side effects were serious, so I’m not downplaying that.  There was a small percentage of the study who felt depressed and/or had suicidal thoughts while on the injection.  Certainly, that needs addressing.  While the researchers are at it, though, it would be great if they could sort out the same side effect in female contraceptive methods.  If the side effects are intolerable for the male contraceptive, then surely they should be intolerable in the female ones too…

I did have to laugh (in a grim sort of a way) when I read the statistic that only four pregnancies had occured in the trial period.  Gotta say, that’d be top of my list of unwanted side effects if I was in this trial.  I guess they must have signed on knowing that different outcomes were possible but the mood swings and acne go away once you stop having the injections.  And there aren’t many medical trials where the trial participant’s partner is actually the one who gets hit with the biggest side effect, either.  Knowing my luck, I’d be one of those four.  I’m very, very fortunate that I’ve never had any trouble conceiving because I know the heartache that some couples suffer but I tell you what, I’m sorry, a 96% effectiveness rate is not enough for me.

Husband’s words of wisdom on the subject were that no contraceptive is 100% effective. And yes, I know that.  But the big snip is pretty damned close.  A couple of days with a funny walk and we’re done.  Sounds perfect to me.  And for anyone (husband included) who does indeed believe that it’s ‘the cruelest cut of all’ let me remind you of the three children that I produced from my body, sans pain killers.  Case closed, I reckon.


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  1. Thanks for joining the challenge! You did so much great writing! Write on.


    1. Thanks Christina! It’s been good to write more regularly. I’ll be trying to keep up the momentum. 🙂


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