Eat (Day 28 FMFW)

With the wee lad, it’s never a good sign if he goes off his food.  That boy can eat.  We had some issues when he first arrived with him not gaining any weight – he’d drink for about five minutes and then conk out completely.  I spent half my time trying to feed him and the other half wishing he would.  Since then he’s not had any issues.  I think he must have taken my wishes to heart because for a while there he was putting on about 1oo grams a day, which is quite a lot when you only weigh three kilograms!  He’s been at the very top of the growth charts since he was about eight weeks old and currently weighs more than his three year old sister.

So, yeah, when he’s not keen on noshing up, something is not right.  His refusal to eat a mandarin this morning was the deciding factor in taking him to the after-hours doctor because he usually polishes one off in the time it takes me to butter his toast.  We’ve been so many times with him for various ear and chest complaints and I try to hold out as long as I can because there’s a general push, including radio advertising for goodness sakes, to wait until you can see your own G.P rather than use the after hours services but since it’s a public holiday tomorrow I couldn’t wait.  And I’m so glad I went, and feeling guilty that I didn’t take him sooner because the poor wee fellow has an ear and throat infection and the doctor even told me to give him paracetomol before meals so that it doesn’t hurt his throat.  My punishment for not taking him to our own practice was that we had to wait for two hours while every other sick person in the region was seen by a very thorough (but consequently very slow) doctor.  Not an ideal way to spend the morning but hopefully the resulting prescription medications will see him right and we’ll all get a bit more sleep and be a bit less cranky as a result.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow morning we’re back to a mandarin starter for breakfast.


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