Bouquet (Day 27 FMFW)

So, I’ve written about paeonies before but really, these ones sitting on my kitchen counter have brought me such joy this week.  Every now and then I catch a whiff of them while I’m loading the dishwasher or making the school lunches and I glance up and there they are in all their coral voluptuousness.  Such a simple pleasure, fresh cut flowers.  No ribbons or bows needed, just ten long stems topped with heavy heads of floaty petals.  Glorious.

There is something about getting a bunch of flowers.  Whether it’s a simple bunch bought from the side of the road as a treat for myself or an elaborate arrangement from some thoughtful soul who knows how much I like them, they’re all good as far as I’m concerned.

Some of my most memorable gifts have been flowers, actually.  I know that some people don’t buy them because they seem like a waste of money given that they don’t last, but that’s part of the appeal.  There’s something in the frivolous nature of spending money on something thats beauty and presence is so fleeting that makes them feel even more of a treat.  They’re especially lovely when they come out of the blue – the bunch sent to school by one of your oldest friends the first year you were away from your hometown for your birthday, the hand picked arrangement and handwritten thank-you card left on your desk by a particularly challenging student, the bouquet that arrives on your daughter’s first birthday to say well done, Mumma.  Those ones are the most special.



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  1. Just stopping by from the write31days challenge. #19 on the #write31days list. 🙂 I love peonies… they are such a good reminder for me of childhood days, I even have the plant from my childhood in my garden. 🙂


    1. Hi Annette, I’ve got some in my garden too but we put them in only last year and they haven’t flowered yet. Fingers crossed for this year!


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