Sign (Day 25 FMFW)

I’m writing this in an ad break from ‘Married at First Sight’.  Yeah, OK, it’s rubbish TV.  I know it, you know it.  But it’s that whole thing of not being able to drag your eyes away from a train crash.

So tonight one of the couples has broken up on the last day of their honeymoon because the husband (whom I think we can all agree is a dick) couldn’t deal with her admission that she felt uncomfortable wearing her ‘bathers’ in front of people.  Her feeling comfortable enough to share something that made her feel vulnerable was interpreted by him as a weakness and something that showed her to be lacking in confidence.  Well, good luck to you mate, because a) I don’t know many women who really enjoy strutting around in their togs and b) you’ve just come across as a right dickhead on primetime television.  Your dating pool is shrinking by the minute.

As for the (soon to be ex) wife, get out of there and don’t look back.  If he’s a dick about this, it’s a sign he’s bound to be a dick about all sorts of things.  Onwards and upwards and all that.

(And yes, of course, in an ideal world we would all feel comfortable in our own skin, we’d get our bikinis on and strut like catwalk models along the edge of the pool but unfortunately that’s not how it is for most people.  Although, I gotta say, I’ve been to a Turkish resort and there were a lot of bikinis, a lot of strutters and even one woman doing her bikini line on the poolside so maybe not everyone is as affected by togs and a lack of body confidence as I am.)


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