Global (Day 24 FMFW)

I’m writing this by the light of my computer screen at 11pm while I use my legs to rock my son in his pram in a desperate attempt to get him to sleep for more than a couple of hours in a row.  And, to get me to sleep for more than a couple of hours in a row.  The last few nights have been pretty dire with me spending more time out of bed than in it and I would really, really like to get a good stretch tonight.  It’s not looking good though folks since at this point I’ve been rocking the pram for twenty minutes and every time I even think about stopping the wee lad jerks awake and starts to cry.  I think it’s teeth.  And the cold that he always gets when he’s teething.  And hayfever because he’s got a cough.  It’s a glorious cocktail of sleep depriving afflictions.  For him and for me.

I said to my husband a couple of hours ago, “God, I hope the boy sleeps better tonight.” (Not “sleeps through”, not “sleeps in his cot”, just “sleeps better” because it’s best not to get your hopes up) and he replied, “You should be more realistic.  How about, I hope we win powerball tonight.”  So you get a sense of where we’re at with sleep at the moment.

Sleep seems to be one of the most global concerns when you talk to parents.

What do we want?  SLEEP!

When do we want it? NOW!

Because honestly, everything is much more manageable when you’ve had some sleep.  I’m not even talking ‘enough’ sleep.  Just a good stretch of four hours would be magical.  It’d make me feel less like a drunk person when I’m getting us all ready in the mornings at least.

Right.  He’s asleep.  In his pram.  In the lounge.  It’s not ideal.  But I’m off to bed anyway. Finger’s crossed…



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