Move (Day 15 FMFW)

Today I’m working really hard to keep my focus on moving more and eating less but I tell you what, I would really like to just sit on my bum and eat all the pies.  And the chips.  And bread, bread, bread smothered in butter.  Not bloody Olivani, butter. And chocolate – it’s been more than a year since my last date with milk chocolate.  And then a cheesecake to finish off.  Actually, I’d start with the cheesecake.  Urgh.

I am tired and not feeling well and a bit grumpy and my antidote to all of those things in times past (reasonably recent past, to be honest) is to eat.  And to eat crap.  So far I’ve managed to fight the urge.  I’m also dairy-free while I’m still breastfeeding the lad because he doesn’t tolerate dairy at all hence my fantasies about milk/cream based foods.  Seriously, the best food in life has dairy in it.  Think about it.  Pick your favourite foods and I bet that at least two-thirds of them have milk/cheese/cream/butter in them.  Oh, I forgot cheese in my fantasy list!  Cheese.  All the cheese.

To take my mind off it, I’ve been doing jobs round the house and chasing the children.  I am standing in the kitchen writing this at the bench and jiggling a bit rather than stuff my face with the white bread bun that Lachie is eating.  Move more.  Exercise in general does make me feel better, and more motivated.  Not that I can say I get out and exercise much, but I do move a lot.  Chasing after children and cleaning up after children should count as exercise anyway.  I should get a fit-bit thingee and see how many steps I get up to.  Hmmm, maybe I will.


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