Playing Catch Up – October Writing Challenge.

Well, I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a push and complete the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes challenge .  I’m a bit late to the party, but basically, you get a prompt for each day and have to write on that prompt for five minutes and then bog the result.  So, I’m playing catch up for a start – nine days behind but I figure that at only five minutes each, it won’t take me too long to get there.

Why am I doing this?  Well, I’m really enjoying my writing but do find that I get tied up in wanting to write enough or something significant, rather than just writing.  So, this will just get me writing.  Who knows what will come out of it but you’re welcome along for the ride.

So, in the interests of catching up, here are the first two prompts and my five minutes worth for each.  More tomorrow…

  1.  Walk

I’ve been watching my wee lad learning to walk over the last several weeks and he’s well on his way now, preferring walking to crawling and even getting a little run on at times.  It’s amazing to see how much his world has opened up since he’s gotten up on his feet. He looks so proud of himself too, and is loving being able to chase around after his sisters.

As usual, these movements away from being a baby bring up mixed feelings for me.  It’s bittersweet this motherhood gig – I’ve probably written that on here before because it’s one of those things that I return to.  People tell you that before you have children but, like a lot of things you don’t really get until you have kids yourself, the sense of sadness that sweeps over you when your baby reaches certain milestones is only just balanced out by the joy that you feel by the fact that they are growing and developing and becoming more and more themselves.  The wee lad’s literal steps carry metaphorical weight for me if I dwell on them too much.  They are steps away from his connection to me, his tie to me, steps into the wider world.

At the same time, his steps also return to me often.  He seeks me out to touch base, to lean against the backs of my legs when I am making dinner, to wrap his chubby arms around my knees and bend his head against me in a snuggle.  He brings me things, looks over his shoulder at me to check that I am there, and chatters away to me as he explores.  What simple joy there is in his choice to connect with me.

2.  Paint

Back to Playcentre tomorrow and of course Number Two’s first thoughts are about paint.  She was wearing a new dress today – two actually that she had received for her birthday  and could not choose between – and asked me if she could wear one of them to Playcentre tomorrow.  I told her that she couldn’t because she might get it mucky, since we tend to get a bit grubby at Playcentre.  She agreed, nodding solemnly and pointing out, ‘Because at Playcentre, we have paint’.  She has really missed the freedom to create, explore and make mess that she gets from Playcentre over the two weeks of the school holidays and when she mentioned the paint she gazed off into the distance as if she was imagining what she was going to do when we get there tomorrow.

Her favourite painting activity involves painting herself.  All over.  Top to toe.  She’s gone slightly crazy a couple of times with paint covering the entirety of her face, eyelids included, and most of her hair.  It’s washable, but the blue is a menace to try to get out of clothes.  So yeah, she won’t be wearing her birthday dresses tomorrow.  I think she may have plans…



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